Do you look more like Christ today than you did 90-days ago?

The Christian Spiritual Formation Certificate Program is a two year cohort program for people of all ages who are interested in deepening their walk with Jesus Christ. Divided into eight weekend retreats, throughout the two years.

Each retreat includes teaching, worship, shared meals, times of reflection, spiritual direction groups, and the option of meeting with a spiritual director. You’ll encounter Christ in a new way as you grasp a deeper sense of the process of spiritual transformation and have a chance to form lasting relationships with others who also want to deepen their relationship with God.

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Our Team

The Caritas Center is composed with a dedicated team of contributors from diverse backgrounds.

Carol Stanley Robbins
Christopher Suder
Donna Cooper
Heather Locy
Ingmari Wahlgren
Kerry Parmenter
Nancy Kane
Ray Kane
Ruth Singleton
Stacy Carbol
Steve Arden
Tina Friday


At the retreats, you’ll join with the 25 other members of your cohort at the retreat center, where room and board are provided. You’ll talk about the coursework you’ve done between retreats, and hear lectures from experts. You’ll have time to enjoy the spacious retreat ground located on the lake.

Additional educational opportunities such as webinars and online classes are available.